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New Player!

Hi! I'm Courtney and I've joined as the resident Ted Tonks. He's a sixth year Ravenclaw and PBed by the rather attractive James Franco. Wheeee.

Please hit me up for RP anytime, Ted's a nice guy I promise!

My AIM sn is La Courte04 and my email is cheeto0903@yahoo.com.

And I've just eaten like six Pixie Sticks so I can't remember what else I was going to put here YAY!!!!
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Hullo! I'm Becca, playing Eve! Yay for TED!!
Nice to meet you!

Ted is glad you're happy for him. :D

Your PB is amazing. heehee, James France is perfect for Ted. :)
Thanks! I had a hard time deciding, but Teh Hawtness that is James Franco won out in the end.
word. You made me google him, you bad influence you. Now my keyboard is broken because I have been drooling over it. ;)
HAHAHA. Well I apologize for that, but now you've caused Ted to preen uncontrollably in my head and develop a rather large ego. Tsk, tsk, now he'll never shut up. XD *kidding*
Oh well, at least you'll get to bask in his loverliness. I would rather like to have him in my head....but Eve would probably cower and be intimdated by teh pretty....and eventually start throwing things at him. (^^)
Ted just grinned and said he was good at dodging things and that he might throw somethings back. *shakes head* Alas. That boy.
Eve says that if he throws things at her, she might hex his hair blue and tentacle-like. (She doesn't make much sense.) XD
He just covered his head in fright. And said that if she cursed his hair blue he wouldn't be anywhere near as attractive...
Ouch!....she's dancing around in my head...and giggling madly I think...She stomps VERY hard.
Hi there Courtney! I'm Ann playing Edgar Bones, Antonin, and Regulus! Woohoo! Welcome!
Nice to meet you!
Hey! I play Bellatrix and Bertha Jorkins! Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you! I'm guessing Bellatrix and Ted aren't going to be best buddies. :D
Teddy! I'm Morgan, Andromeda and Lily's player. Nice to meet you. ^^
I just thought about it, but if Ted marries Andromeda and that's why she's blown off the tapestry - he must be a muggle born right?

Oh, and by the way, Ted has some competition with Fabian.
He is muggleborn. *nods* Both of his parents are muggles and all.

Ted says he can deal with competition. >_>
omg! I heart Ted! I'm lilly and I play chole rosmerta *points at icon*, Severus Snape and Gideon Prewitt! Howdy howdy howdy!
Hello! I'm Talia and Fabian (well, mostly Fabian, actually).

Don't make me use Cruciatus to get some of those pixie sticks!